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Movie Review!
Haha. I managed to find some time and watch Order of the Phoenix and I gotta say that I am actually impressed. I watched it with a particularly critical eye and something about the film makes me wonder if our dear David Yates may be a not-so-secret member of the S.S. Sssssss.


All right, like any movie reviewer I shall begin by saying that I watched this with an extremely critical eye, looking for plot holes, mischaracterisation, as well as lost scenes. I especially watched for acting improvement. I shall take the first part as if I were an unbiased HP fan with no pairing nor ships in mind.

    Of course, like any book-turned-movie, there were missing things. Were I a non-book reader, I would have watched that film whilst narrowing my eyes a bit because a) I don't know why Tonks is able to change her face and hair colour b) not sure who Mrs. Figg is and what she has to do with Dumbledore.
Other than that, the film may have been pretty clear and I'd have liked it.
I don't know what to say about the begining scene except that the atmosphere of a bare and desolate suburb was very much to my liking. The grass was a thin yellow colour and the heat seemed to be too much and you could feel it right there. The appearance of Dudders and his buddies was all too clear without explanation what Dudley had turned into, however, the camera work gave it a bit of a dream sequence quality what with Harry seated at the swings and Dudley standing about three feet away with his friends standing in goose-migration formation. Harry pulls out his wand at Dudley who seemed intent on letting Harry know that his mum was dead. As if that's not something being impressed on him for years. Ah well.
So Harry pulls out his wand and a storm starts up. This really worked up the excitement in the theatre because of the storm clouds and Dudley freaking out as his friends run off. I liked how they escape to what appears to be a metal tunnel. Not sure where it came from in the 'burbs, but pretty convenient escape from the rain. Dementors entrance was sudden and frightening.
Basically that whole first scene was very much satisfactory until Figgy shows up and you're wondering why the woman is incapable of expression.
And I quote
FIGG: *lengthy pause, wide eyed* Don't put....away.....your wand, Potter."
Apparently, she only happened upon him because no one was watching him this summer. In fact, according to logic, Dumbledore told the Order not to communicate with Harry, in fact, they shouldn't be bothered with him at all.
Harry's carting Dudders back to the house and Figg is being enigmatic, not the eccentric old lady with the handbag, jut a frightened woman in her mid-fifties wearing a dull cloth around her head.
Ah, I had one big problem with this next scene.
Why is Vernon Dursley so cross-eyed and crazy now? He's ruddy-faced all right, but blotchy and when he looks at Harry his eyes are at his own nose. I would imagine they are trying to increase the awareness that extremely ugly people must be horrible.
Harry gets expelled and he's angry in his room. Kicking and punching wardrobes and whatnot. I was on the edge of my seat to criticise Harry's acting, but I reserved all that for later.
I must say that the casting for the Order was brilliant. Tonks is adorable and you love her at first sight, but do I detect a little chemistry between Harry and she? To be honest, Harry seemed to be having a little chemistry with every female he was dealing with. Must have been that little sojourn to Equus, must've awakened him sexually, I suppose.
Grimmauld Place didn't disappoint. There were the elf heads and the dusty look about it; Kreacher was brilliant, but just a tad simmered down. You'd think he was a harmless little old elf. *shrugs*
Now, I'm going to be quite nice and compliment the script-writers in that they really did a true character analysis on Hermione and improved her IC-ness. She didn't know everything, but she was practical and wasn't quite afraid to laugh at herself at times. At least, her eyebrow movements have been tamed to actual expression and you are not grinding your teeth by the time she finishes speaking. No line-stealing there.
Ron was a real favourite in this film. He was obnoxious, jealous, reserved, and basically Harry's best mate. The look on his face when Harry blew up at him was capital! He was all like, "Gosh, what a spaz! But he's Harry and Harry has issues, let's just leave him to it for now." He was extremely protective of Hermione and he even got defensive when he realised that Grawp was crushing on his woman!
Most people would say that there wasn't enough foreshadowing of the relationship between Ginny and Harry, but, being a sub-text reader to the extreme, I saw the looks she gave every time the subject of Cho came up. Her face would shut down and I just have to give a round of applause to Bonnie Wright for that one expression after the first DA meeting. Hermione states that Cho wouldn't stop looking at Harry and Ginny, who had been laughing at something Ron had been saying before, went completely expressionless like someone who didn't want to acknowledge what was going on. And it was perfect for Harry not to notice.
I know what you're thinking! What about Voldemort and Harry. I want to save the best for last because Harry was my favourite in this movie when usually he really isn't.
Let us move first to some of the adult characters.
UMBRIDGE! Good Lord, that woman is awesome! She captured her in ways I didn't pick up in the book. Her occassional giggle and the cats, dear god, her little plate kittens were truly foul. Their cute, sugary presence made one want to squirm and as a sort of ambience extra, we see Umbridge adding up to three or four sugars to her tea. It brings to mind the words, "sickly sweet" which is not nearly enough words to cover how  foul she really was. I'm just saying that when they selected her as Umbridge they were making the best decision.
Then, Bellatrix Lestrange. Crazy, gothic, sadist, and completely off her rocker, two thumbs up right there. There she is in prison, sitting away looking out into the deep, dark storms outside Askaban when her Dark Mark begins to tingle, and what does she do? Well, what anyone else may probably do; should they be a deranged and pain-loving killer....she licks her arm all the way from the mark to the tips of her fingers.  Can anyone say, "Whoa!"
Now, only one thing to say about Dumbledore is this. Since when would Dumbledore, upon finding himself in the middle of a courtyard, after defending one of his teacher against Umbridge, turn and shout at the onlookers, "Don't you all have studying to do?!"
My mouth fell open and I perhaps may have swallowed eighty-five hundred dust particles which is equivalent to forty seconds of gaping-mouth expression. I felt like shouting my outrage to the stars at the death of the true dumbledore who would never have shouted anything of the sort at students nor would he have looked so awkward and appalled when Umbridge implies that he only has his power as headmaster "for now". Whatever happened to benevolent, wise and enigmatic. This is Dumbledore! Not Gandalf the Guy who shouts at Hobbits when he sees fit.
Let us now approach the DA:
Why is Nigel taking all these parts?! Hmm?
I doubt there could have been any problem with inserting a snooty-looking blonde boy from Hufflepuff instead of that mysterious OC!  And was that Michael Corner I see, sporting some complementing dark locks of beauty? While we're on the subject of OCs, who's the curly blonde behind Draco? He looks like a promising Slytherin we've never heard of. Or was that Zacarias Smith? Not to mention, the sudden presence of rock music in the Gryffindor common room.
Now, I'm just being mocking about it. Moving on...
Cho Chang really did her thing this time only she gave Harry a reason to dump her not the other way around. Best thing is, it was she who betrays the DA this time not her friend who seems to be mysteriously absent. Plenty of room for unexpected OC's, but not enough for the characters who actually fill the plot holes. Crazy universes without the existence of Marietta Edgecombe aside, we later learn by a passing comment that Dolores Umbridge did in fact interrogate Miss Chang, but with the help of Veritaserum! Dun Dun Dun!
And guess who didn't listen to Cho when she was trying to explain? Too bad he was being all dark and brooding as he passed her in the hall. Well, leaves room for Ginny to step in, doesn't it, but it doesn't give Harry a reason to be vindictive about Ginny beating her at Quidditch!...wait, Qudditch??!!! I completely forgot about its existence, or perhaps Mr. Yates had the very same issue. There was a reason for it not being there in movie 4, but not this one. I was looking forward to hearing the masterpeice that is "Weasley is Our King". i hear it was must have been catchy, a bit of a beat to it so one can dance. From now on I may be resigned to singing it to the tune of the vulgar yet comically fitting song, "Oh, Mickey, you're so fine."
And speaking of Weasley ever-yet-being our King, he did not seem to get the title of prefect nor anyone else. Come on, we need more than the fate of the world being on his shoulders as a reason to get Harry this angry.
Speaking of Harry's anger, I really relished it. I think Harry burning up at Draco was beautiful. Draco comes along and makes a passing comment about Harry's alleged craziness and Harry jumps at him in such a bestial manner that Hermione and Ron have to restrain him and even Crabbe and Goyle look startled as Harry shouts, "YOU JUST STAY AWAY FROM ME!"
You almost feel like nodding fervently when Draco slinks away muttering, "See? I told you he was loopy!"
      Harry has quite a few 'roid rage moments in this film, but Daniel pulls them off rather well. There are no fake tears as he yells, "He was their friend!" *cue heavy, angry breathing* This is a Harry who's likely to break your arm. This is Harry slowly turning into another angrier Dark Lord which I found quite tasteful, actually, but that's just me.
Now we come to the part that made me shiver in my seat and my little sister to hiss at me in the dark, saying, "Quit shaking the effing chair!"
Voldemort. From now on, no matter what anyone says, I am firmly convinced that Ralph Fiennes makes an entirely attractive Evil Overlord Snake man. Plenty of movements close to Harry's throat. The dreams are penetrating and almost....implicative?
And that three peice french lapelled suit was more than I could bear. The possession scene was breath-taking. Harry lay on the ground as a strange breeze rushed at him. Next thing you know, Harry is alone with Voldemort and the situation has nothing to do with Dumbledore. It's just him and Harry. That's what I like! Two evil thumbs up!
Then it appears that Voldemort is still trying to recruit Harry and that made my eyebrows rise in interest and what's more Harry clenches his teeth from the pain as he addresses Voldemort, saying, "You have never known friendship or love; actually I feel sorry for you."
    My heart stopped, dead stopped, and then thundered on again as Voldemort raised himself up in surprise and I felt they should cue the second kissing scene and the bloody violins thereafter.
Unfortunately, Fudge (the stupid meddler) shows up and the moment of truth has ended. Dear God, why??!!!
Before I move on, I just want to lie here and savour how Ralph said this line, "You're a fool, Harry Potter; and you...will...lose...everything."
*sighs, pauses, and reflects*
Last of all, there is Sirius' death, which had to have had justice done to it.  The archway was there, but no veil and there was no mystery to Sirius' death in this one. He was confirmed since Bella shot an Avada Kedavra curse when Sirius wasn't looking. I was picturing a face-off against the two of them, but she came up behind him when he knocked Lucius over. What I love most, however, is the battle and the magic. There was something very liquid and silver about the magic they did and it inspired me in all extremes about what doing magic must feel like, must look like. I love a movie that inspires, believe me.
Overall, i know this movie is getting great reivews because the kids are grown up and the screen-writers too.
I was unfortunate enough to watch the movie with barely any true fans, and the difference between doing that and the experience I went through is that I had the primary displeasure of leaving the theatre with a small on my face only to hear a group of twelve of perhaps even fourteen-year-old boys saying, "This one was kinda boring."
I was still smiling though as I got into my car as my sister prattled happily about the brief moments she saw her Draco and I nodded as I remarked how much more in love I am with the Dark Lord. She called me a freak and I innocently replied that it was so silly that Draco was dressed in what appeared to be an Armani sports jacket, one button in the first scene he was in. I mean, really.
But as the day goes, I feel content at seeing and not in the least outraged at anything major. Now I can turn in, and wake up tomorrow to read other reviews about the movie I loved best this summer.
^switches off light, anticipating a nice HP dream involving suits, and snake men in them.*

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Well, it could have been worse, Shaitanah.
See, a year ago, I was living in a country where there were NO fans so they don't even release the movies in theatres. And the only DVDs they receive is the pirated ones sold by the people coming into the country occassionally.
Honest to God, I only saw Goblet of fire in November just last year. It was quite a wait.

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